March 8, 2019

Laying Sod in Georgia for Best Results

Did you know that you can lay sod almost any time during the growing season? There are optimum recommended times of year. Warm season grass should be planted […]
March 1, 2019

Time for Spring Lawn Care

Look around you for signs of Springtime. The temperature is getting a little warmer. The days are getting longer with daylight saving time right here. Flowers […]
February 22, 2019

Problematic Crabgrass Weeds Start in the Spring

Crabgrass is a problem to many Georgia homeowners and businesses as they try to stop it from growing in their lawn and garden. Identifying the causes […]
December 7, 2018

Chinch Bugs are Turf Grass Thugs

Do you have large dead patches of sod in your lawn? It is possible that it could be a disease but it might also be the […]
August 17, 2018

Best Georgia Lawn Care Tips

How do I get the perfect thick green manicured lawn in Georgia with extreme weather conditions of hot temperatures in the summer and cool winters? Here […]
July 10, 2018

19 Things to Know About Houseman Services in Georgia

1. Athens, Clarke County GA We are located in Watkinsville, GA for easy access to Athens and Clarke County. We service Watkinsville, Athens, Gwinnett, Atlanta, Greensboro […]
March 9, 2018

How Do You Know if Your Lawn Needs Lime?

With the warm weather starting to arrive, it’s time to think about liming your grass. It only needs to be applied every couple of years if […]
February 27, 2018

How To Have the BEST Lawn in Your Neighborhood This Year?

How To Get Started? To ensure a healthy, smooth lawn and easy maintenance, start by analyzing the needs of the yard and then carefully prepare the […]
January 18, 2018

Why frozen or frost affects citrus tress more than other trees

Freeze damage on many of our Athens citrus tree occurs when the moisture or water freezes. The water will freeze causing the fruit, leaves and wood […]
January 5, 2018

Lawn Care – Round 1 January-February

The 7 Steps to Lawn Care It’s a new year and it’s time to get the lawn you’ve always wanted. January might not seem like the […]